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Heritage Ireland

Elaine from Heritage Ireland came to visit us. She taught us all about Ogham writing and ancient Ireland. We learned that long ago people used to identity their birthdays by the type of tree that was in bloom. We learned which tree was attached to our birthday month. We made fairy doors using moulds and on each fairy door was the name of our birthday tree. Elaine also  taught us all about seeds and flowers. She showed us how to make seed bombs using clay, seeds and compost. We will sew these in the spring time.

Cleaning Up!

Third Class worked very hard during their litter pick on the Rocky Road!

Experiencing History!

Fourth Class had a great time reliving history by examining artefacts from the past!

Water Pollution Experiment

Third Class did an experiment to show how easily water can be polluted. We discovered that is extremely difficult to return the water to its original clean state.

Orienteering Fun

Third Class had a fantastic time orienteering in Watergrasshill with Seán Cotter from Orienteering Ireland despite the very wet weather!


Paper Construction

As part of Engineer’s Week, we looked at how paper can be used for construction. We discovered how the shape of paper changes how much weight it can support. We experimented with folding and rolling paper to make it stronger. We designed and built free-standing metre-tall structures, simple bridges and structures to support the weight of our maths books. We had many failures before we discovered a method which worked. We worked in small groups and discovered the importance of teamwork!

The Salmon of Knowledge

We have been learning all about how to write interesting recounts.